Indian Summer (2012)

Indian Summer (2012)

Indian Summer follows a group of Indian American kids during the two-week camp session at the Hindu Heritage Summer Camp in Rochester, NY. They begin each day with yoga, learn Hindu chants, and attend philosophy classes in which they demystify the basic tenets of Hinduism, express their deep need for community, and tell us what it takes to be a Hindu in America.

Principal Credits:

Director/Producer: Mridu Chandra

Editor: Ben Brown

Director of Photography: Eliana Alvarez Martinez

Animation: Juana Medina


Honored as part of the New American Filmmaker Program by The Vilcek Foundation (October 2012)

How to See It: 

It premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival on May 24th, 2012, and has screened at the NJ Independent South Asian FF, the Hawaii International Film Festival, DOC NYC, The Big Apple Film Festival, PBS Online Film Festival, CAAMFest San Jose, and the Chicago South Asian Film Festival (October 2013).


Indian Summer is part of INDIA IN AMERICA: A TRILOGY – a series of three documentary films that explores the lives of Indians in America.


This is an independent project that has been developed outside of institutional media support.  To date, the series has earned the support of several individual and foundational donors amongst the Indian American community.

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