The Dissection of Thanksgiving


RELEASE DATE: November 2016

World Premiere – AFI Film Festival – Los Angeles 2008

(formerly titled Poundcake)

STARRING: Jay O. Sanders, Kathleen Quinlan

DIRECTED BY: Rafael Monserrate

WRITTEN BY: Troy Hall & Kevin Logie

PRODUCED BY: Mridu Chandra, Troy Hall, Kevin Logie, David Vaccari, Gene Miller


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Cliff & Carol Morgan tell their kids that after 30 years of marriage, they are getting a divorce.  Now they must spend what may be their last Thanksgiving together as a family, in as civilized a manner as possible.

Winner of 3 Best Film Awards (Nashville FF-Honorable Mention, Buffalo Niagara FF, Rome International FF), 2 Audience Awards for Best Film (Florida FF, Rome International FF), 1 Best Original Screenplay Award (Florida FF Special Jury Prize), and 1 Best Comedy Award (Pasadena FF).